Noise Control

Hear what you want to, not what you don’t want. The sound of a child’s bare feet on your kitchen floor, the deep bass sounds from your audio system during a cinematic alien invasion, and laughter and chatter during a family gather. These sounds are a pleasing part of your life, but they can also be unwanted noise invading one part of your home from another. Noise control acoustical treatment can increase your quality of life in your home for you and your family. Don’t overlook the benefits of a completely noise controlled environment. 

For more than ten years, Fine Home Automation has been a leader in The Greater Vancouver area  for sound-isolation products that control unwanted noise in residential, manufacturing, and commercial environments. In the world of home and home theatre, acoustical privacy in your living areas is possible with sound isolation technologies. Fine Home Automation offers a full line of wall, ceiling, and floor isolation products that control unwanted sound between your home theatre and the rest of your home. 

Sound Treatment

Don’t overlook the importance of sound treatment in your new home theatre and media rooms. Sound treatment allows you to fully enjoy your environment. Fine Home Automation offers sound treatment technologies and solutions that make your home sound like it should. Whether designing a perfectly tuned home theatre or trying to tame the echo from your living room, our acoustical treatment options are designed to be aesthetically pleasing yet acoustically function.

With help from the team at Fine Home Automation you can create your own personal sanctuary or simply add value to your home life by combining design with exceptional acoustic performance.