Project Design

We can design state of the art elegance for unique custom Home Theatres, Media Rooms, specialized Game Rooms and much more. “Your Dream is our Passion”. A well-designed home theatre system elevates your experience to levels beyond what many think possible. Every home theatre design is based on numerous variables ranging from layout and space design, to the seamless integration of speakers, components, and wiring into the room. Nothing is left to chance. An overlooked benefit of a custom installation is the quality, look, and feel of the home theatre space. 

Using a room designed for audio/video enjoyment is an experience for both enthusiasts and casual watchers. Quality seating and amazing audio-visual quality are combined with overlooked details such as specialized insulation and correct speaker placement. The result is a home theatre experience that is attractive as it is functional. Don’t trust your custom home theatre installation to an amateur. Specialized expertise is a must and considering Fine home Automation is an important step towards realizing the home theatre you have always wanted.

Low Voltage Wiring

We strongly believe that low voltage wiring for your home or business should be installed and handled by trained and experienced professionals. Don’t leave it to chance. Fine Home Automation specializes in the latest low voltage cable technology and modern installations for new and existing homes throughout The Lower Mainland. We also offer professional home theatre sales and installations, security system installations, and complete multi-media audio-visual services.

As part of our low voltage services, we install custom home theatre systems, whole-house audio systems, home automation systems, and complete home integration services in homes and businesses throughout New Westminster, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, and the entire Lower Mainland. Fine Home Automation has been servicing Vancouver and surrounding cities for more than ten years. We carry the latest and most innovative technology and the most trusted, quality brands in Home Automation, backed by 24/7 customer service and industry-leading support.

Custom Home Theatre and Media Room

A home theatre is a high-quality audio and video entertainment centre that creates the movie theatre experience right in your own home. A home theatre can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish it to be and can be installed in a specially designed and equipped “theatre”, or simply in a den or a living room space. In fact, all of the comforts of old-time movie houses and luxury screening rooms

are available for home theatre today with the added benefit of modern technology. We specialize in designing such systems and we recommend the best equipment that satisfies various pricing levels. No system is too big or small! Once installed, we also make sure that everyone in your house knows how to use the system to its greatest potential.

Service & Calibration

Smart home technology allows us to get the most out of our homes and businesses. With the latest technology and services available like Nest doorbells, Alexa, motorized blinds, facial recognition cameras, and more you are guaranteed to enjoy your home in ways you never knew imaginable. Fine Home Automation offers a wide variety of services and products to suite all your needs.

For your home automation service and calibration needs be sure to trust our professionals with more than ten years of experience servicing new and existing homes in the Lower Mainland. Fine Home Automation offers 24/7 customer support and has the knowledge and expertise to handle all your request and solve your problems.

Acoustical Treatment

Hear what you want to, not what you don’t want. The sound of a child’s bare feet on your kitchen floor, the deep bass sounds from your audio system during a cinematic alien invasion, and laughter and chatter during a family gather. These sounds are a pleasing part of your life, but they can also be unwanted noise invading one part of your home from another. Noise control acoustical treatment can increase your quality of life in your home for you and your family. Don’t overlook the benefits of a completely noise controlled environment.

For more than ten years, Fine Home Automation has been a leader in The Greater Vancouver area for sound-isolation products that control unwanted noise in residential, manufacturing, and commercial environments. In the world of home and home theatre, acoustical privacy in your living areas is possible with sound isolation technologies. Fine Home Automation offers a full line of wall, ceiling, and floor isolation products that control unwanted sound between your home theatre and the rest of your home.