Contractors and Builders

With more than ten years of experience in the home automation industry, Fine Home Automation is recognized and trusted by many contractors and builders in the Vancouver area. With home automation becoming the standard in new builds, we strive to connect and work with contractors to provide the newest and best services available. We offer special discounts and incentives to local contractors and always look forward to building new business to business relationship.

Whether you are building a new house from the ground up or undertaking a massive renovation on a West Vancouver heritage home, Fine Home Automation can offer solutions at competitive prices. Fine Home Automation is the Only Elan G flagship experience provider in the Lower Mainland and is a trusted partner of the leading home automation brands.

Custom Pamphlets and Showrooms

We can create individual custom-tailored flyers and pamphlets for potential buyers for showrooms, and advertisements for your offices. Not only can we create custom marketing materials, but we will also set up a fully functioning showroom for your showhome sites.

Showcasing the Automation and options potential buyers can choose. Nothing can match the first-hand experience and real-life interaction for a potential client like being able to physically test and see the different technologies available up close and personal.